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I work with SDL Trados Studio 2017

Translation/editing/proofing rates

1000 words
minimum fee
$100-$185 $35 $35.00
evening/weekend rate add 25% to 50%

Rates in dollars
Unless otherwise agreed upon, rates are in dollars.
Calculate today's conversion rates with the tool below.

Rate for a standard translation
The rate for a regular translation starts at $100/1K words. The fee will be agreed upon after reviewing all requirements and project files. Actual rates are determined by factors that affect the processing time of jobs, which include:
- topic, specialization, difficulty
- specific translation requirements
- file formats
- quality and other characteristics of the source text
- available approved TM (translation memory, in case of previously translated content)
- required turn-around time

A translation process normally consists of a translation by a translator, editing, which is a review and the application of corrections by an independent editor, and proofing or processing of the corrections by either the translator or by a 3rd party proofer (TEP, see below). However, not all clients/jobs require these 3 steps. Translation agencies, for example, often have their own editors and proofers and usually require only a standard translation.

The lower rates for a standard translation include a review of my own translation, spellcheck with software, a job log with notes, questions, references if applicable, and QA tools, such as XBench may be used. The higher rates usually include 3rd party editors/proofers.

Editing services are charged by the hour and involve a thorough review of a written or translated text, focused on improvement of the text and presentation of contents, and also making sure that interpretations, facts, and localization are correct and the translation sounds natural as if written in the target language. The main focus is on achieving a high quality text. An hourly rate applies for post-editing of machine translations. Please request an estimate.

involves a final review of the text that has been edited and (possibly) approved by the client. The focus is on dotting the i's rather than on content, such as catching errors that the editor may have overlooked or introduced while correcting. Proofing can also refer to processing editor's corrections and comments, either by the translator or by a 3rd professional. This is the typical workflow for a TEP cycle (see below).

Editing and proofing services are charged by the hour at $35. As a guideline, editing jobs take about 800 words per hour for a reasonable to good text/translation. Final proofing can process around 1500 wph.
Third party translations are charged by the hour because of the unknown source and quality of the provided translation.

Translating/editing/proofing (TEP) for an entire project starts at $165/1K and includes translation, editing, proofing and QA in collaboration with a 3rd party linguist.

All other services, such localizations, SEO, post-editing, transcreation, document reconciliations, etc. are $35-$55/hr.

Volume discounts are an option if the deadline can be extended. Standard translation speed is 2000 words per day or 10K per week. A translation of 15,000 words with a turn-around time of 9-10 days, is not eligible for a volume discount, but it is with a delivery time of 3-4 weeks. No discounts on jobs under 10K.

Payments are expected within 30 days of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed upon with a client. New clients without existing feedback ratings on proz.com's Blueboard or other records usually pay in advance or submit a down payment. I accept Skrill/PayPal/credit card payments (payer covers fees), US bank checks and wire transfers into my Dutch bank account (ING).

Payment methods accepted:
European bank wire (free)
US checks (free - preferred)
Paypal (add 2% fee)
Skrill/Moneybookers (add $5 fee)
TransferWise (add $5 fee)

Software & Tools

* SDL Studio 2015/2017, WordFast Pro
* Office 2010/11, Windows10 & MacOS
* Xbench, ChangeTracker
* Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign
* Okapi Olifant (tmx management), KDiff (file comparison)
* Digital dictionaries
* Full access to academic library
* FTP for large documents, Dropbox for backup


* HS Advanced Studies (Languages: Dutch, English, French, German)
* BA Psychology, University of Tilburg
* MA coursework Clinical and Theoretical Psychology, University of Utrecht
* MA coursework Organizational Psychology, University of Tilburg
* HTML & Photoshop I, International Webmaster's Association

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