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I work with SDL Trados Studio 2017

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Freelance translator English-Dutch and occasionally Dutch-English
Born and raised in the Netherlands, and after studying psychology, I relocated to the US in 1994 with my young family. After 11 years of climbing, sanding and painting for my one woman business in house painting, Dutch Girl Painting & Wallpapering, I started translating in 2008. I joined proz.com, a website for translation supply and demand, met online colleagues and grew in the ranks of the language directory by answering translation questions.

I am interested in a wide range of topics and eager to familiarize myself with new information, always placing it in a wider context in order to get the right meaning across. It takes courage and creativity to avoid a literal translation and come up with how something is best expressed in my native or the target language. I keep working at further developing this art and skill. With a background in organizational psychology, my main focus is on management, development and Human Resources.

Main fields
- organizational psychology (studies in management, development, Human Resources, system theories)
- general technology (house painting business for 12 years, and just a curiosity for all things practical)
- general medicine (grew up in a medical family)
- terms of agreements (it is fun to create long, but sound and clear sentences)

Specialty fields
Business ethics, training materials, management training, clinical trials, medical equipment, legal terms.
In addition, I enjoy translating in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, technology, architecture and history.

Translations EN>NL (>2,000,000)
Common translation projects include newsletters, blog posts, web content, contracts, clinical trials, QOL and other surveys, news releases, instructional texts, medical device and other technical manuals, compliance texts, agreements and liability texts, annual reports, weekly business communications, patient instructions, codes of conduct, ethical trainings, powerpoint presentations on various topics for end clients such as Dell, Flowserve, Faro, Shield, American Dynamics, Teledyne Dalsa, Hill's, Alcon, etc.

Sample of translated projects:
- Expedia TripAdvisor
- Pfizer Talent
- Alzheimer Scarlet Road
- Pfizer Tofacitnib
- Sorin Eventscope
- SAI Global Ethical Training
- Integra Ultrasonic Aspirator
- Eliquis Aristotle-Apixaban
- Bayley Infant-Toddler developmt scales
- Children's communications survey
- Boarding Operations
- GAP catalog descriptons
- Olympus Medical Instruments
- Apex Tool Group Code of Conduct
- Alcon compliance
- various smaller translations
- Pfizer
- American Dynamics
- Smartphone survey
- Zumba website
- Terms Yahoo! contest
- Thrive Movement documentary
- Pfizer GSS
- anti corruption e-learning
- Hologic
- Manual forced hot air heater
- Zumba.com
- Pfizer management
- AccuView
- Quality of Life projects
- Alcon Labs
- AGFA Healthcare Integrated Mgt System
- ITC ProTime InRhythm User Manual
- Dreamsteamer Safety
- Hollister Health & Safety Policy
- MSDS Lythium Hydroxide
- Globoforce Awards program

- Mead Johnson SAP instructions
- B&D global compliance
- Ford Focus 2011 brochure
- News releases PRNewswire
- PMI online introduction course
- Cummins Performance Management course
- AmGen elearning course FlexAbility
- Medical record gyneacology
- Merck 100 SAP course descriptions
- PMI decl. consent, recogn. awards guidelines
- Pfizer HRM training
- LensLogistics
- Panduit 3Q report
- Tecos Diabetes patient brochure
- Lyrica product description
- The Pfizer Colleague and Manager
- EMEA quarterly
- ComPsych online access
- Marriott employee interviews
- Norgine Dev. Re-engineering Proposal
- Protex gel
- Study Synopsis FEIBA NF
- Pharma market development
- Osteoporosis fact sheet
- Hotel descriptions
- Red Branch Media
- GoFlex
- Zirlux/Henry Schein
- Medtronic vascular survey
- Tourist destinations
- Join the WJPA
- Kodak Capture Pro
- Harsco Internal Control
- Titan (Titantool)
- Ken Blanchard leadership traning
- Covance/specimen collections
- Aflatoun Manual

Translations NL>EN (>100,000)  
- Kaqun water therapy
- Dialoog Academie: Ethics of Gülen; Remigration
- Business presentation modulyss
- ING Assurance NL: service proposal and terms
- Manual Industrial Noise
- Museum Dr. Guislain: Willem Van Genk (book and exhibit)
- Museum Dr. Guislain: The weighty body (book and exhibit)
- University Leuven: River basin management simulation
- Audit Report IGZ Mallinckrodt Medical
Proofing EN>NL (>250,000)  
- PRNewswire/Lingo24
- Urodyn Flow+
- Fabory
- PRNewswire ongoing basis
- Teledyne business code
- ITC manual
- FireCrest clinical trial
- Premier Dental CompCore
- Sauter Facts No. 23
- Biomarin Clinical Trial Morquio A Syndrome
- Landrover Dealership Agreement
Translation FR>EN (>7,600)  
- Travail, Management, et Santé Psychique (in: Humanness in Organisations: a Psychodynamic Contribution, Leopold Vansina)  

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